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Here's a running summary of my writing projects.

Czarine: First Vision
A just-begun, ambitious Idolmaster fanfiction, covering the first year of producer Maya Miraflores’ employment at 765 Productions. Based loosely on the SP storyline and many lesser-known imas manga, it centers on Iori’s debut and journey through the Idol Ultimate competition, as well as Haruka and Hibiki’s relationship as it moves from antagonism to friendship – and perhaps something more – during the rise and fall of Project Fairy. Currently my main project, all things considered!

The Palace Perspective
A culmination of seven years of obsession over Revolutionary Girl Utena. An attempt to critically define the nature and goals of Ohtori as a structure, focusing on Nanami Kiryuu’s place within the archetypal mechanism of power. Utena is one of the most diamondist works in existence, and I’ve taken ample inspiration of it – this is in part an attempt to explain just what I’ve found so compelling about it.

Cryptoromance Series
CW for like... everything. Czarine is my lgihtest work and Palace was rather abstracted, but everything in Crypto is an unkind read. An in-development series of seven works on the shorter side, beginning with Black Ships and ending with The City of Matalion. The first section was put on the BoD Wordpress as a standalone work, was since taken down for editing, and I'm now in the process of fleshing out the wider concept. A more artsy and personal project.

Book of Diamonds
Quite possibly my life’s work. On hold for now until I grow up a little; in-progress and likely will be for some time. A retroactive divination of a story all know but is hardly told; a pseudoscriptural cartography of the legacy of pain as inscribed upon all our sectors of the world. Half poetry, half theory, half narrative.

[Currently in a phase of heavy revisions, please wait warmly.]