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Here's a running summary of my writing projects.

Czarine: First Vision
A just-begun, ambitious Idolmaster fanfiction, covering the first year of producer Maya Miraflores’ employment at 765 Productions. Based primarily on the SP storyline and many lesser-known imas manga, it centers on Iori’s debut and journey through the Idol Ultimate competition, as well as Haruka and Hibiki’s relationship as it moves from antagonism to friendship – and perhaps something more – during the rise and fall of Project Fairy. Currently my main project, all things considered!

The Palace Perspective
A culmination of seven years of obsession over Revolutionary Girl Utena. An attempt to critically define the nature and goals of Ohtori as a structure, focusing on Nanami Kiryuu’s place within the archetypal mechanism of power. Utena is one of the most diamondist works in existence, and I’ve taken ample inspiration of it – this is in part an attempt to explain just what I’ve found so compelling about it.

Cryptoromance Series
I'm not usually one for content warnings, but I'd like to throw a blanket one on all of these. While Czarine is my lightest work and Palace was rather abstracted, everything in Crypto is an unkind read. An in-development series of seven shorter works, centered around a common theme of commentary on the seven respective stages of the diamondistic count. A more artsy and personal project.

The second entry, Apple Festival, has somehow increased in scope to be a full novel so that one will take a bit longer, haha.

Book of Diamonds
Quite possibly my life’s work. On hold for now until I grow up a little; in-progress and likely will be for some time. A retroactive divination of a story all know but is hardly told; a pseudoscriptural cartography of the legacy of pain as inscribed upon all our sectors of the world. Half poetry, half theory, half narrative.

[Currently in a phase of heavy revisions, please wait warmly.]