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a statement of beliefs on the foundations of purity


In an effort to more clearly present and define the presuppositions and stances that make up the ideological perspective named as DIAMONDISM, we hold:

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The Count

THE COUNT is constructed as a series of landmarks along the path of subjugation and recovery; a metaphor reflecting a generalized relation of mental states by which, through the act of counting, one may organize and better understand themselves. By raising these marks, we give name to the shifting sets of dynamics between ourselves and the enemy, and are able to examine them in greater subtlety. THE COUNT is expressed and formulated as such:

The Triple Mandate

Through further formulation, in order to enable the Fourth, extend the Fifth, prevent the Sixth, and immanentize the Seventh, we arrive at the three positions upon which our journey towards purity is founded: namely, ANTI-SEX, ANTI-BODY, and ANTI-BLOOD.

By standing AGAINST SEX, we hold:

By standing AGAINST THE BODY, we hold:

By standing AGAINST BLOOD, we hold:

May purity rise in us by this new law.
May we beat our shackles to swords, and further to plowshares.
Come, and let us kill the sun.