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Hello! Here's a bit more about me.

I have been heart and soul devoted to the renowned super idol Iori Minase six years and going strong, and fully expect to spend the remainder of my life in the young mistress’ service. She is my sunrise and sunset, my peerless princess, my little wandering star, and I’ve been incredibly lucky for the chance to support her. This is probably the most important thing on this page.

I really, really, really like Idolmaster, especially Million Live. I've written extensively about Revolutionary Girl Utena and have not yet found a work of art that has equaled it. Other current main obsessions include Kimetsu no Yaiba and Three Houses, which I have been pretty much incapable of shutting up about for months. I’m passionate about comics in general, especially manga, and still kind of regret not focusing on writing comics myself when I still had the chance to invest in it. I’m interested in all sorts of architecture, worldbuilding as a practice, and amateur photography. The foundation of my politics is now and always has been Latin American revolutionary history, especially in the context of liberation theology, and I am very slowly but surely transitioning from a terrible wannabe Catholic to a simply mediocre normal one.

I’m chiefly a writer - a while ago I would have said I'm primarily a poet, but I've been leaning into fiction very heavily lately, with some nonfiction analysis work on the side. I guess I’d call my perspective a radical feminist one if you pressed me, despite the current connotations of the label, and from that perspective I make an effort to write extensively on the subject that morally demands the most attention from me: the study of and recovery from serious abuse. I approach this focusing especially on sexual abuse, child abuse, and familial abuse.

Check the out the links at the top of this page for a more in-depth definition of diamondism as an ideology, a summary of my current creative projects, and a directory of links to other places I can be found online.